Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Complete with a Wreck

Today was another gorgeous day, the rain that the weather people were predicting didn't happen, so I went out for a ride to see what I could see. I rode uptown to Falls Road, then onto Clipper Mill Road, a new thing for me. On Clipper Mill are a bunch of old industrial buildings, I am assuming that once upon a time they were powered by the Jones Falls which is right behind them.
A little further along I spotted this sign, I have seen it from the freeway before, and it is still funny to me.
I continued on up through the Clipper Mill complex and then up Greenspring Ave past the Clyburn Arboretum before hitting Northern Parkway (not a good bike road by the way) and heading back down Falls Road from there. I rode through Hampden and past a new (to me) bike shop Twenty 20 Cycling Company and then headed back down towards downtown. At Keswick and 32nd street I was approaching the intersection when a guy in a large green pick up truck decided to pull right to go around a car waiting to make a left turn. Unfortunately for me, he pulled right into my path, and sent me into the curb after pushing off his fender. I ended up over the bars and on my back in the street, then unbelievably, he took off. I picked myself up and dusted off, luckily no major damage to me or the bike, so I took off to get myself home. A little further down Falls Road, I passed a local band getting ready for a video shoot or something, they seemed nice enough when I asked what kind of music they played, stupidly I didn't ask their band name.
On the way I passed through the downtown area, and it is Otakon weekend (a big anime and sci-fi convention here in Baltimore) and the Inner Harbor area was full of people in costume.

The third shot there, check out the guy with the tail :). After people watching my way through the Inner Harbor I headed home to check my wounds. It turns out I tore up my elbow,
and have a big old rasberry on my butt cheek, no I didn't take a picture, and my butt is pretty bruised. Also I managed to utterly destroy one of the cleats on my shoes, It looks like I took a cheese grater to it, which would also explain my difficulty clipping in after the accident. So I grabbed a shower (a bit painful on the road rash) and jumped in the car and headed back to the Twenty 20 shop to get a new set of cleats. They seemed really nice, and had only been in business for 4 months, explaining why I was suprised to see the shop when I rode by it. I think I will take tomorrow off, I suspect I will be pretty stiff, but I am not going to let this hold me back for too long. And if you are the guy driving the green pick up, a pox on your house for running off after taking me out.

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