Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ride

After a rainy start to the day, it turned into a beautiful afternoon. Kathleen was out to run the 5K Trail Run at Boordy Vineyards this afternoon, so I went out for a ride. I followed the bike path through the Inner Harbor, which was hopping, then over through Federal Hill. When I got over by the stadium I caught this group of guys on sport bikes doing unbelievable stunts in the parking lot by the bike path.

A few minutes later, they all formed up and took off as a group to parts unknown, so I continued on. I rode out Washington Boulevard, and eventually made a big loop back towards home. At one point I was feeling a bit hungry, so I tried out the new ride snacks that I bought the other day, normally I take a Clif Bar or two (I really like the Blueberry Crisp so far).
So my thoughts on these. First, they were very tasty, not suprising they are made by Jelly Belly. The packaging was a different story, I wasn't sure how to eat them, so eventually I settled on the dump a bunch in my mouth while riding method. As far as the energy boost, who can say, but I wasn't hungry anymore after eating them. As I rode through Brooklyn, I realized I was right near a Robert Baltimore Landmark. A few years ago they shot a John Travolta movie here in Baltimore called Ladder 49. I provided a PA system for the director in this warehouse over in Brooklyn.
They used it with a wireless microphone so the Director could yell at everybody when they were starting shooting. What they did was build all of the interior sets there, all of them about 8' off the floor so they could put the movie fire stuff under the set and have the fire burn up like a real fire would. They would build a set, burn it down, truck it off to the dumpster then build another. They had two sets going at once in the warehouse, one active, one being built and they went back and forth between the two. For the grand finale of the movie, there was a fire in this grain elevator (I shot this from across the inner harbor on Hanover Street on my way back after rolling by the warehouse).
The grain elevator has a red circle around it. At any rate, they only shot the exterior scenes for the scene there, all of the interior scenes were shot in the warehouse, they built the whole interior of the building in there so they could control all of the lighting and fire effects. I suppose it's not really that interesting, but there you go. So anyhow, I continued along Hanover Street, and found another chunk of the Gwynns Falls Trail (purely by accident of course, the signage is terrible).
A little further along I rolled by this group, they were taking pictures of the guy in the business attire along the shore, with the Hanover Street bridge in the background.
My curiosity got the better of me, so I turned around to grill them on what they were up to, and my first guess was right, it was a political photo shoot for Bill Ferguson who is running for State Senate and actually represents my neighborhood. He came over and introduced himself, asked if I ever rode with a local group that rides on Sunday mornings, and knew his stuff on the benefits of making a city more bike friendly. He seemed very genuine, and reading a little further on him, he is big on Education reform, and was a teacher here in B'more prior to going to law school, and is still involved with the Baltimore City Schools now. He is running against an incumbent who has been in office for 26 years, so I hope he does well, I am feeling that some new blood in government wouldn't hurt anything. As a side note, having someone that much younger than me introduce himself as a candidate was a bit unsettling, I am suddenly feeling old :). After that I continued on the Gwynns Falls Trail back into town and home for a shower and some pizza from the BOP.

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