Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Morning Ride

Another beautiful morning, I intended to get up a little earlier, but there was some sort of communications issue between my brain, my hand, and the alarm clock. But I still managed to get up in time to get out for a while. I rode down through Little Italy, and across President Street towards the Inner Harbor where I spotted this statue in a small park.
After that I got on the bike path around the Inner Harbor and ended up by the Maryland Science Center and caught the carousel there before it started up for the day.
I decided to ride around the promenade back towards home and spotted this pair of Korean Navy ships (I think that is where they were from based on the writing on the stern) taking on provisions.
Kind of odd to see them in this far into the Inner Harbor, we have had visiting navy ships at the Fells Point Pier, but I haven't seen any in this area before. I continued around and the juxtaposition of the USS Constellation and the the two modern warships caught my eye.
Then I continued on around the promenade and headed back to the house to get ready for work.

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