Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A nice enough morning today only about 82 or so when I headed out, so I went out for a ride. I did decided to ride out to Fort McHenry today, it's kind of funny, when I first started riding again last August, I thought this was a far-ish ride, now it's one of my morning runs, assuming I get up early enough. I got rained on a little bit, but all in all a great morning very scenic.
Once I got to Fort McHenry, the no bikes sign was still up, and since it was before 8:00AM the rangers were making sure nobody got in (except the porta-potty guy, he arrived just as I got there, the ranger let him in).
This is Silo Point, it used to be a grain elevator, long since abandoned, and they gutted it and turned into high end condos, the views from the top are spectacular (they sent out a mailer to us when they finished it). As I recall the top floors start at about 1.75M per unit.
On the way back I took a different route through Federal Hill and spotted this.
I had never seen it before, I can only assume that there is a church right near by. Then it was home, shower, eat, work.

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