Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chasing the Rockville Twilight Classic

Kathleen ran in the Rockville Twilight Classic tonight, so I took my bike (as I do) and rode around and took some pictures of her in action. We got there around 7PM so I took the opportunity to visit our old neighborhood, which is right on the other side of the Metro tracks from where the race start was.

It looks just like when we sold it, although the big oak that used to be at the corner of the lot has been removed :(.
But then it was on to the race, this is just after the start, tonights discovery is that the flash on the camera doesn't reach very far, Kathleen is in the picture somewhere.
Here she is a little further along, the field had stretched out at this point, so it was easier to pick her out.
Then to get to the next area to shoot a picture I cut through the park, and stumbled across this skate park, I am pretty sure this is new since we lived there. The skater dudes got all irate about having their picture taken, so I moved on.
This is a little further up the road, and Kathleen making the turn up towards Montgomery College.
Then I looped back around and caught her at the exit of the campus.
Then I motorpaced my way down the open lane on Rockville Pike next to the runners to get to the finish. Here is Kathleen finishing the race.
Then we packed up and headed back up to Baltimore for some eats and bedtime.

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