Friday, July 16, 2010

Ride to work

Today was a nice day, and as far as I knew I had no commitments outside the office, so I rode my bike to work today. It was hot today, even at 8:00AM when I left, but my ribs are finally feeling better and I did really enjoy my ride. On the way there, I rode through Artscape, the set up was continuing today, tonight is the start of the festival and of course it is hot as the surface of the sun out this weekend. I do find it somewhat annoying, it is put on by the City of Baltimore, yet we, as a company located in the city limits, are frozen out of the bidding for the audio due to politics. Oh well, at any rate here was the scene this morning at Artscape.
It was a bit of a traffic jam with everybody and their brother moving into the vendor tents.
Then it was on to the office, where today worked out to be one of those days, the owner and the accounting ladies were all out of the office, which meant I was wearing about 6 different hats for the day. But I survived the chaos, the broken down vans, and the general hubub to scoot on out the shop at 6:00PM and head for home. I took the Gwynns Falls trail again, it is nice and shady, and since the Weather Channel widget on my phone said it was 95 degrees and about a billion percent humidity out when I left, I figured that it would pay off. The trail was nice and shady and quiet, I find it really relaxing to ride home this way.

When I got down towards Carroll Park, I spotted these guys riding their BMX bikes through a giant puddle, it reminded me of the crap I used to do when I was their age.
I ended up talking with them a little bit, they wanted to know if I had ridden down the trail and why I was taking their picture, so I told them they reminded me of me at their age. After that I followed the trail towards home only to encounter this.
They are re-doing the railroad crossing here, so not really a good route for me, so I doubled back and went around the construction.
As I got down near the stadium, there must be an Orioles game tonight, so there were lots of people in orange and black tailgating before the game.
After this I passed through the Inner Harbor, which was hopping on a Friday night, and through Little Italy to the house. This is the scene at the fire station at the end of our street, I pass several stations on my way, and there are firefighters hanging out in front of all of them, watching the world go by.
Then I headed up Mount Collington to the house, where we finally are getting caught up on our Tour De France watching (Kathleen has been out of town for quite a few days the past two weeks), polished off three stages this evening courtesy of the Tivo and the fast forward, they were all flat stages so we just watched the prerace then fast forwarded to the final 10K or so to watch the bunch sprint finishes.

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