Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Commute

Today was another good day to ride my bike to work. It still is hot as hell, but no rainy forecast. I took a new route to work, it knocked about a mile and 15 minutes off my normal route. I think the time difference is because of the climbs, today seemed more of a bunch of short sharp climbs, whereas the usual route is more a long continuous uphill slog. At any rate, I went through the west side of Baltimore, and ended up at the far end of Wetheredsville Road.
According to the guys at the shop, this used to be the fast way downtown, but the road has been closed for some time.
Then a full day of work, followed by a scoot on out to the homestead. I doubled back the way I had come this morning to where the Gwynns Falls Trail crosses Franklintown Road, then rejoined the trail towards downtown. When I got to where I was picking up the trail I spotted this.

It appeared to be the starting of football practice, lots of sprints and whistles going on here. But then I continued down the trail to Washington Blvd, and then followed that towards the stadiums and downtown. Today must be another game day, the bars all had beer gardens out in front down by the stadium, lots of orange O's shirts there. I continued on to Pratt Street, where the right lane is for busses and bikes only, I passed about a billion (okay a little exaggeration there) cars who were all stuck in traffic.

After the jaunt through the Inner Harbor, I continued on through Fells Point and back to the homestead for a shower and some dinner, another nice ride for today :).

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