Monday, July 19, 2010

Ride to Work and run from the storm

I rode to work again today, took my usual route through town. It stormed pretty heavily last night, so I was thinking that it might have knocked the humidity down some. At 7:00AM when I got up it wasn't too bad, but by the time I left at 8:00 it was pretty sticky. But the sun was shining, and I even got some relatively traffic free roads during parts.
That is the last little downhill on Gwynns Falls Parkway before the bomb run down to the park where I hook up with the closed part of Wetheredsville Road here, now part of the Gwynns Falls Trail network.
Then it was another busy day at the office, and the day just flew by. About 5:30PM I noticed the severe weather alert had popped up on my cell phone, a line of strong thunderstorms was headed towards me. I had planned for this, and actually remembered to bring my raincoat, but it makes me hot and sweaty so I was strongly wanting to avoid using it. So at 6PM I was out of there, headed home on the Gwynns Falls Trail. This sign is about a mile into the trail, still on the gravel portion, I can't imagine why the sign is here, there is an intersection between two trails just past it, but I have never seen another cyclist out here.
It didn't get any less sticky during the day, so it was pretty sweaty, but I was much more concerned about this.

Those clouds are a thunderstorm and they were chasing me down the trail, at this point I had reached Carroll Park, and was facing the urban portion of the trail, and pretty much convinced I was going to get soaked. A little further along I passed the local fire station, the guys were out getting in a little preseason football, and the clouds were following me along.
Down the road I noticed that the clouds were also flanking me.
As I got into Federal Hill, the flanking move was complete, and things were looking grim.
But other than a few scattered drops, I made it to the homestead, here is the sky as I pedaled up Mt. Collington.
But I made it into the garage, and I was sure that as soon as I rode into it the rain was going to pour down behind me, the winds picked up and it was looking like a classic late afternoon thundershower.
In the end a very little bit of rain, and the whole thing blew by, so I jumped through the shower (it was really humid and sweaty) and we grilled steaks on the deck for dinner after all. The steaks were huge, and delicious, Kathleen had picked them up at the Farmer's Market this weekend from a local farmer. Sorry no pictures of the steaks though.

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