Thursday, November 24, 2011


Obviously, today is Thanksgiving, and for the Hayes/Jones household, that means a couple of things, the first being it is time for the Cobble Gobble. Kathleen was running the race again this year, and I did my usual thing and went out on my bike and spectated. It was a gorgeous morning, much nicer than last year, about 40 degrees when I rolled out down to Harbor East for the start. All quiet on the Inner Harbor.
Here are the runners waiting for the start.
and the lead bicycle and the police discussing strategy.
Then they were off, cleverly I managed to somehow miss Kathleen at this point so I scooted ahead to catch her going through Fells Point (the cobble portion of the run).
It really was a nice morning, here is the sun rising over the Broadway Pier.
Then it was off to in front of the National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor proper, to catch her again.
At this point the race used the bike path to get around to the other side of the Inner Harbor before coming back along the promenade, so I scooted over and got another shot of the waterfront, the hill across the water is the park in Federal Hill that I have taken pictures from before.
After that it was back over to Harbor East to catch Kathleen as she finished.
After the finish we headed towards the MAC so Kathleen could pick up her stuff before I headed back to the house with the explicit task of warming the bed back up. It was freaky quiet on the streets as well, normally on a Thursday morning Aliceanna would be wall to wall commuters, but not on Thanksgiving.
We took it easy after sleeping in, then Kathleen whipped up a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner for us.
Everything was delicous, and then it was my turn to get to work, cleaning the kitchen is my gig.
A nice quiet evening followed for the start of a four day weekend, I hope to get in a ride all four days, we shall see how it goes.

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