Sunday, November 27, 2011

End of the Weekend

In the ever changing Baltimore weather, this afternoon Kathleen and I got out for another ride, and it was mid 60's and breezy. Bib shorts, jersey, thin socks, and summer gloves must be in the mid-atlantic with it's just wait 24 hours weather. We noodled around Baltimore, first heading up to Druid Lake, where I once again dropped the camera while riding along. I went back to retrieve it and it still works fine.
We rolled around the lake, and past this little castle, I have no idea what it does there.
We continued on through the park, passing the conservatory there.
Then we went out of the park via the mini Alpe D'Huez by Clipper Mill, I have never gone down the switchbacks before always up, so this was the first time I had seen this sign.
We went through Clipper Mill, and up to Hampden where Christmas is on, or at least under construction.
Passing through Charles Village I spotted this group of row houses with fancy spindle painting.
And a little further along this cute house.
Then it was snack time, these are the energy bars Kathleen whipped up from a recipe in Bicycling magazine. I nommed this one down, then had another.
Then we headed towards Lake Montebello the sun was just starting to head down over the lake.
A couple of laps around the lake then back to the house, this pavillion is on the way in Clifton Park, I would love to know what it was originally, unfortunately it is fenced off right now.

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