Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jingle Bell 5K

Today Kathleen ran the Jingle Bell 5K here in Baltimore, so I scooted down to watch and take pictures. Winter is officially here, it was about 38 degrees when I rolled out of the garage. Despite the cold it was sunny and bright, and they got a big turnout for the event. Here is the start, Kathleen is in the red shirt with the pink & red striped hat.
I cut around to where they were headed up Linwood towards Patterson Park and caught her again.
Then another quick sprint to the entrance of Patterson Park.
They did a little loop in the park, then back down Linwood to Fleet to East Ave, and here she is turning the corner there.
Then at the end of East they went down into Du Burns Arena for the finish, this the last I saw her before they went down the ramp.
I met Kathleen on the other side of the arena and handed off her fuzzy jacket that I had been carrying around under my windbreaker, then she headed off with the "missle toes" (a group of her running/wine tasting friends) for a post race brunch with Mimosas. I headed back to the house and washed both bikes and the car (I love having hot water in the garage).

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