Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Today is New Years Eve, and with a couple of 20-ish mile rides yesterday and today, I managed to do 1801 miles this year, with 73,944 feet of climbing. Yesterday work closed early, so I scooted home and Kathleen and I went out for a ride. We headed up towards Lake Montebello and did a lap, while we were on our way up there, I shot this pic of the Campy logo on my new front wheel, while riding, first try.
Then we headed up, and I do mean up, towards Johns Hopkins, then up Roland Avenue towards the burbs, here is Kathleen leading the way.
Here we are at a stoplight, Kathleen is sporting her new helmet from Christmas, a Specialized Prevail.
We did a big loop up Roland Ave to Lake Road, then back down to Falls Road. It was getting late (stupid 4:30 sunsets) so we headed back down Falls Road, then through Hampden where I spotted this bike. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable this must be to ride between the severely tilted down saddle, and the severely tilted up aerobars.

Then it was back down the bike path at Stieff Silver to Falls Road again to head for home, but once again I dropped my camera, luckily it still seems to work fine.
Today was a day off, I slept in late after staying up stupidly late playing video games at Matt's last night. Kathleen got home from some errands at about 2 PM and we headed out to break the 1800 mile barrier (for me, Kathleen ends up at 1350 or so for the year, but a lot more running and swimming than I do, which is none of either). It was about the same temps wise yesterday, but gusty 20 mph winds to add to the ambiance. We decided that with the quantity of morons out driving around, we would head up the Gwynns Falls Trail.  Passing through the Inner Harbor, I spotted this lovely decoration on the chain link fence they are putting up for New Years there.
Then it was up the Gwynns Falls, here is the tail end of it up by my work on Wetheredsville Road.
Once again, the stupid early sunset was screwing with us so back down the Gwynns Falls we went, here is Kathleen hanging out on one of the bridges down by Carroll Park.
Coming back into Baltimore, I spotted this mural on the side of a building, it's definitely new, I am sure I would have noticed this before.
Then it was back through the throngs and cars, I liked the Holiday decorations here in Federal Hill.
We survived the crowds on Pratt street, and back to the house for the final victory coke for the year.
Happy New Years everybody, the weather is supposed to stay nice through the weekend, and I have Monday off, so hopefully I can kick of 2012 with some rides.

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  1. Happy New Year to you both! Lots more injury free miles in 2012!!