Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celtic Solstice 2011

Today was the Celtic Solstice 5 mile race at Druid Lake Park, Kathleen was running it, so I bundled up and rode up there to spectate.   It was brisk at about 40 degrees, but not snowing (2 years ago) and not utterly freezing like last year.   I scooted around the group as they waited to start, and rode across the bridge into the park.   Here is the view back towards the start, lots of people still arriving with 10 minutes to go.
Then they were off, here is Kathleen passing after the first big hill.
I scooted on ahead and got her a couple more times at the intersection of the two loops that made the bulk of the first part of the course.
While I was waiting I got a beauty shot of the lake.
Then rolled down to catch her as she rounded the near side of the lake.
While she ran around the lake, I made my way across the bridge over to catch her at the finish in front of Stieff Silver.
Then we met up with Kim from Kathleen's Tri club (and she rode with us at the Tour Du Port this year)  to go over to Gertrudes at the BMA for a pancake breakfast and to hang out.   Pancakes and laughs were had by all.   Then I rolled back to the house for a shower.

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