Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day (everywhere but the US) and also was a day off for me. So, while Kathleen and Sophie took a nap, I went out for the first ride on my new wheels. First it was around the Inner Harbor to Federal Hill. On my way down Key Highway I spotted the AVAM Christmas Tree.
Very in keeping with the building I would say. I continued on to stop by Race Pace Bicycles to confirm that Kathleen was signed up for the upcoming Park Tools Bicycle Mechanic School that starts in January (my gift to her), and to thank them for keeping the new wheels under their hat (Kathleen got them there, we like to support our local businesses). We had a geeky bike conversation about tubeless tires, as the new wheels are designed to work with them, I figure next time I need tires I will give it a whirl. I bid them aideu, then rode out to Fort McHenry, then back through a ferocious headwind. Then I went up Calvert (epic long low grade climb) then across town to come back down Wolfe to the neighborhood. When I got home I spotted this across the street from our house, I think our neighbors Larry and Rachel are responsible, they live right there on the right of this picture (formstone house).
Then back to the house, a quick shower and on to the rest of the day.

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