Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everybody. No ride today, just some humdrum family pics and the like. Last night we went out to dinner at Della Notte in Little Italy, as we do on most Christmas Eves, so it was an occasion to get all dolled up.
We had a great dinner (as always) then went up to Hampden to see the Miracle on 34th Street (as we do).
Then it was back to the house to get to bed so Santa could do his thing. This morning rolled around and Christmas merriment and gift giving was had, Sophie got the most gifts of all in the form of an endless supply of wrapping paper.
Eventually she tired out, and snuggled up to Kathleen for a nap.
While Kathleen got Christmas dinner together, I went out to the garage to install my big gift for this year, a set of Campagnolo Zonda wheels.   Here is the bike in it's current state as photographed in the official manner.
Then it was time for a great dinner featuring beef brisket, lentil loaf (an old favorite from our vegetarian days), broccoli, and stove top stuffing. Hopefully everybody had a great Christmas as well.


  1. Cool! So glad you had a nice Christmas. Love the 34th St pic. How'd you do that?

  2. Hi Doree, I actually borrowed that from somebody on the internet, that is the good kind of photography that would require more than my point and shoot. Merry Christmas.

  3. Ah, just knew ur p&s coudn't pull that off. Didnt know if u were toting a slr that evening. Pls send me the one of u all dressed. Want that one for my bulletin board! Thx!

  4. You guys look darling in that dapper dressers pic - too cute!