Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Ride of the New Year

Today turned out to be a totally unseasonably gorgeous day, highs in the mid 60's and sunny, after a week straight at 30 degrees. So Kathleen and I decided to get out for a ride. We headed uptown on Calvert to Falls Road, couldn't have been nicer out.
We rode up to Druid Lake Park and by this pavillion.
Then down by the disc golf course.
We continued up Greenspring Road to the Clyburn Arboretum, here is Kathleen dropping me with her recently improved bike fit (my gift to her for Christmas).
We looped around to Falls Road, through Hampden, then over towards Johns Hopkins, where I spotted this statue.
Then it was back to the house to clean up, but before I went in I got a shot of today's jersey, which is also new. Will Miller is a friend through work, and a exceptionally fast triathlete (when he's not on the road mixing monitors for Josh Groban), and got these made up for the upcoming cyclocross and triathlon seasons. Kathleen and I both got one to help him make his minimum order. JK Audio makes In-Ear Monitor earbuds, Suzie Sefcik is Will's SO and quite the photog as I understand.   At any rate, great jersey, and very comfortable for today.

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