Sunday, November 20, 2011

Suprising Sunday Ride

After a week of cool fall weather, today ended up being a nice mid 60's kind of day, so Kathleen & I went out for a ride. Nothing two strenuous today as Kathleen did 1/2 Marathons yesterday and the previous Saturday. The weather was nice enough that I got to wear my new Mapei jersey Kathleen got me for our anniversary, no driver can say they didn't see me.
I even wore the matching socks that came with it.
We started out going down through the Inner Harbor, then out the Gwynns Falls Trail to Frederick Road, then headed out towards the burbs. Here is Kathleen following me down the road somewhere in Catonsville.
We looped back around to Edmonson Ave to head back, seems it's about the end of fall colors season, lots of people out raking leaves today.
A little further down Edmonson we spotted this cool art on the side of a community center.
Then it was back to the house, including a trip through the teeming drunken throngs, and an asshole who wanted us to get out of his way in his car and ended up driving over the sidewalk to get past us, all right in front of a Baltimore Police officer. This is the second time I have had to ride through the crowds coming out of the Ravens game, all I can think of is this.

On the other side of the stadium we stopped by a table the Girl Scouts had set up selling Girl Scout Cookies and scored these.
Once we had dinner we proceeded to eat the entire box of cookies. Hey, the Garmin says I burned 1500 calories on my ride today, I can have a treat.

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