Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Lunch in Annapolis

Kathleen and I got out yesterday morning to meet up with the Baltimore Bike Club's ride out to Annapolis around the Severn River. It was a gorgeous day out, already above 50 degrees at 10:00AM when we got to the Ranger Station on the B & A trail. There was a quick briefing about the plan, then off we went. A group that were introduced as the "fast guys, take a good look now because you probably won't see them again" were out in front, and Kathleen & I managed to hang with them for the whole ride, definitely faster than I would have gone on my own. The route wound it's way through the back roads of Anne Arundel County, and the fall colors were going full blast.
There were some farms, there is a pony somewhere in the picture.
And quiet neighborhoods.
About 25 miles in to the ride we rolled into Annapolis for lunch.
We rode down to the City Dock, where everybody split up for food/coffee and recovened to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon and shoot the breeze over lunch.
After lunch we headed back out, first over part of the river.
Then over the main bridge over the Severn River.
We stuck with the group until the head of the B & A trail, and then split off to take the trail back, as Kathleen's knee was bothering her, and there were a couple of steep climbs coming up. The trail was nice through the turning trees, and fairly busy without being nuts.
Here is Kathleen following me up the trail.
We made it back to the parking lot for 37 miles, and a good time, we are going to try and get out on another ride with the group soon. It was also the debut for my new cold weather gloves, so far so good.
Pretty swanky eh?

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