Saturday, November 26, 2011

Strike 2

Today we drove up to the PA state line to a group ride with the Baltimore Bicycle Club, but as luck would have it, in getting our act together this morning, Kathleens shoes didn't make it into the car. A brief discussion was had about her doing 52 hilly miles in her Birkenstocks, but instead we bailed back to the house. Obviously the cycling gods don't want us to do a group ride this weekend. A quick regrouping then we were off on a traditional Robert kind of ride, where I head out, get myself vaguely lost, then figure out where I am and head back home. Once again the weather has changed, and it was in the upper 40's when we left, which meant heavy socks, leg warmers, bib shorts, insulated jersey, full finger gloves and a windbreaker. Our basic destination was the bike path loop at BWI, via a route that I wasn't sure of. We got out of the city okay and headed in a generally southerly direction. Some of the roads were bigger like this.
But we were able to cut through some smaller neighborhoods along the way, and spotted this in one of them.
Once we got down to Elkridge (and recognized where we were from a previous ride, we got onto some smaller roads that were much quieter.
Eventually we made it to the Bike Path, and passed under the landing pattern for the airport.
The path is about 10 miles around the airport, and really is very nice to ride, a lot of the time you would never know you were at the airport.
The path is actually pretty used, we saw lots of cyclists, joggers, and walkers, including this family out for a ride, kids to grandparents.
Eventually it was time to head back, and remarkably, the route back to Baltimore is fairly well marked, so off we went. Also the weather had warmed up some by then, and some layers started coming off as evidenced by Kathleen's removal of the sleeves on her windbreaker and leg warmers.
We came back in via Hannover Street, busy day in the harbor, one of the cruise ships is in across the way.
From there we caught another part of the Gwynns Falls Trail back towards the house, that's the Hanover street bridge behind Kathleen, I have ridden across it before, but it is not fun, no bike lane, no sidewalk, and lots of steel grating for the roadbed in the middle.
We were almost home, where the fickle hand of fate decided it was my turn to practice changing a tube, I flatted right by the stadium.
Once repaired we were off to the homestead for 5 guys burgers and some errands.

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