Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charm City Cross Day 2

Kathleen had homework to do today, but after a quick work thing and some errands, I got out for a ride this afternoon. I headed up to Druid Lake Park again to watch some more Cyclocross racing, and shot some pictures, as well as using my new camera's video function for the first time.  This is right as I rolled up, about 30 minutes into the race, these guys were rounding the hairpin down by Safety City.

This is the leaders coming through.

And the Chasers.

I headed over to the barriers, and caught the leaders rolling through.

Here is the chase

I rolled around to the middle of the track at the U-turn tree, yesterday's pictures don't really convey what goes on here.

I shot that on the last lap, then rode back over to catch the finish, and the winner for the Elite Men's race, Nicolas Bazin of France.

And the top 3 after the finish. Nicolas Bazin, Ian Field of Great Britian (he is the national Cyclocross champion of Great Britian, hence the white jersey with the red and blue stripes), and Flavien Dassonville of France.   The race is a UCI sanctioned race, so it gets a pretty international field for the elite men's and women's races.  The two frenchmen race for Big Mat, which is the Home Depot of France.

After that I headed for home, spotted this nice group of rowhouses in Resevoir Hill.

Got back to the house, through the shower, then watched the Men's UCI Road Race World Championships, which turned out to be a great race, bravo to Phillipe Gilbert for winning it emphatically.

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