Saturday, September 15, 2012


Busy day of running around today, Kathleen is in Santa Fe visiting her dad, and so I am attacking projects that I have needed to do but have been flaking on.   First it was off to Timonium to visit a jobsite for the stage install for tomorrows event.   Then back to the house to waterseal the deck.   I was thinking 3 hours, 4 and 1/2 hours and a trip to Home Depot for more waterseal in the middle it was done.   I rewarded myself with a shower then a trip on the townie bike down to Fells Point for dinner.   I headed to the Brick Oven Pizza right on the Broadway square.   Here is the townie waiting outside while I am eating.

And here's dinner, a 10" Peperoni pizza, soda, and a copy of the Washington Post.

After dinner I wandered around the corner to The Sound Garden on Thames, I have been wanting some new music for the ipod for a while.  They recently were named the number 2 cd store in the US by Rolling Stone.  I am a big fan of them, and a vip customer (earned by buying more than $100 worth of CD's in one shot).

Spent a little time shopping, and 8 CD's and $95 later I headed back out into traffic to head for home. Traffic is especially heavy tonight, it's the Charm City Music Festival right down the street, we are doing sound for that, but it's not my account so no worries for me (so far). I did hear it all day while waterproofing the deck, love our JBL PAs.

Then back to the house where I am updating this and adding music to my Itunes.

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