Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Fluffy Clouds

We had a big line of thunderstorms blow through yesterday, and as a result today turned out gorgeous.  About 80 degrees and low humidity, so I went out for a ride to celebrate the nice weather.  There were little fluffy clouds all over the sky, which of course brought this song to mind.

And as a result it ran over and over in my head for the next 24 miles.  But it was very appropriate for the day, it was nice to get out and wander for a couple of hours.   I headed out Boston Street then through Dundalk to the Penisula Expressway.   Here is the view as I headed out towards Edgewater.

At the end of the Expressway is Sparrows Point Steel Mill.  The mill has fallen on hard times, after a succession of owners they are trying to sell it again.   Once upon a time 27000 people worked here, and the first new ship that my dad captained was built stem to stern here, including all the fittings.  The shipyard has been closed for a long time, but they would like to keep the blast furnace running while they find a new owner, if they have to shut the furnace down, as I understand it, it's ruined. From the access road around the point you can see the Key Bridge which was probably built with steel from the mill.

This is one of the big buildings in the plant complex, it's absolutely enormous, I have no idea what it does.

Then it was back to the house and take a shower, but the day wasn't done, it was time to go grocery shopping while Kathleen continues doing homework. I saddled up my Linus bike with the bags and off to the whole foods I went.

The Whole Foods is about 1.2 miles away and almost totally flat, so an easy spin for my legs. I did the shopping and loaded up the bags.

Then headed back towards the homestead.

On the way home I spotted these groovy vespas outside of Kislings Pub.

Once I got home I have to lean the bike against the garage to park it, the weight of the groceries is too much for the kickstand.

Now I believe I will be washing the car, having got the laundry started.

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  1. Sounds like a good day! So glad the weather is imroving & ur getting some rides in. Love the domestic must be Sunday. Have a great week!