Saturday, September 22, 2012

Charm City Cross

Finally a weekend off this weekend, so after sleeping in Kathleen and I set off to Druid Lake Park for the first day of Charm City Cross. On our way up we passed the Baltimore Street Car Museum, these folks are enjoying a ride on their little loop.

We pressed on up the switchbacks to Druid Lake Park, arriving just in time for the Men's Elite race.   This is the first lap and the group is going around the U-turn tree, the ride up dismount and carry around the tree, then back on the bike.

This is a little further around the course, the sand pits will probably get used tomorrow, it's two days long, with different courses each day.

This is still fairly early on in the race, here is the bunch going over the barriers.

We rode over to the other side of the course, this is the stairs section, the come down the hill, u-turn at the bottom then run up the stairs before remounting.

This is a little past that, they come down a hill and through this little ravine.

Over the rise and down to here, you can see the stair section in the background of this.

We watched a little more before heading off for the homestead, here's Kathleen following me home after the stop to pick up a victory coke.

We jumped through the shower, then rode down to Fork and Wrench on Boston Street on the city bikes to get some dinner, before watching the Women's Road Race World Championships.

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