Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Errands Day

The original plan was to go ride the Twenty 20 coffee shop ride this morning, but there was a (not entirely unexpected) work snafu, so I ended up driving to the shop, then to Timonium, then home.  Once I got home, I showered, then headed out on the townie for some errands.  First stop was The Red Star in Fells Point for Breakfast and the Sunday Baltimore Sun.

Then around the Inner Harbor on the Bike Path, headed for Federal Hill.

A quick stop at Race Pace on Key Highway, then onto the pet store for a case of cat food, and a sparkly toy for Sophie.

Loaded that up in the bag, then headed back around the Inner Harbor, and past the Volleyball courts, which were hopping in the beautiful weather.

On the way back I stopped off at the Whole Foods in Harbor East for some groceries, which filled the other bag, then back to the house. I moved the plants back out onto the back deck from Kathleen's office, the last remnant of the watersealing the deck project from yesterday, then took a nap.

 I woke up hungry, so the Townie came to the rescue again, and I hopped on it to run down to Five Guys for a burger and fries, with a quick stop on the way for the Sunday Washington Post. On the way there I went down Madiera Street which is the half street behind our house. Once upon a time these were the houses that the servants for the large houses in Butchers Hill lived in. Some of them are only 10' wide.

Burger was delicious then it was time to head for home and put away some laundry, and discover that the cat is still sleeping. Oh, and a note on last nights new music experiment, the Arctic Monkeys are awesome, the were our headliners on the first night of the Orion Music and More Festival we did in June, and I have been meaning to buy some of their stuff ever since. This was our stage at Orion, we debuted the new JBL VTX rig there.

Here are the Arctic Monkeys in action that day, the Drummer had an awesome Evel Kenevel suit to go with his Union Jack drum kit.

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