Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pre-Riding the Columbia Triathalon

Kathleen is racing in the Columbia Triathalon later this month. Towards that end, Kathleen went out early this morning to Gunpowder State Park for her first open water swim and first swim in a wetsuit while I slept in. This afternoon we met up with Bonnie and Steve (friends of Kathleen's through Back on My Feet) at the course start at Centennial Park in Columbia to pre-ride the bike portion of the race. It was about 1PM when we all got there, a little getting ready and we were off. Here is the gang following me up Route 108.
And heading up the road.
Once you get off Rt 108 it is very picturesque. Rolling hills and farms, with the occasional development of McMansions.
I have to say, this is quite the hilly route, pretty brutal for a time trial. At any rate, here is the gang at the top of one of the many climbs on the route.
Here is Kathleen swapping water bottles in the cages, it easier to pull out the one on the downtube than the one on the seat tube. She is swapping the empty for the full one here.
A little ways down the road we passed by a log cabin.
Then a group of goats.
Mostly though it was bucolic farmland with a little traffic, a very nice ride all in all.
Truly a gorgeous day out, very spring like. The only bummer came at the end, we rolled down to the lake to get an eye on what that was all about (they do the swim in the lake). Coming back up something went bang in the drivetrain on my bike and the chain dropped off. A quick investigation revealed a missing (and rare due to the limited manufacturing run of my used taiwanese carbon cranks) chainring bolt. So I pushed the bike up the hill, and off to the bike shop. Now I am crankset shopping :( (sort of, but really more :) )

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