Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Bike Bling

Busy week this week, only got out once in the morning with Kathleen to do hill repeats in Patterson Park. But this afternoon I had some time to myself, so I went out for a ride around the city. As you may recall from my last installment, I broke my bike last weekend (sort of, I lost a somewhat hard to find bolt from the cranks). As a result I was in need of an alternative. A little ebay hunting brought this to replace the previous crankset.
That's right a genuine, bonafide, Campagnolo Record 10 speed crankset, brand new from 2008 (the last year of 10 speed Record). A magazine review described Campagnolo as "Italian, Elegant, Expensive" and that is true here. I got a pretty killer deal, and as a bonus, the cranks are 180mm, which is 5mm longer than most and should be good for me and my long gangly legs. At any rate, I rode over to Race Pace in Federal Hill where the other Campagnoloistas work to show off, then a quick ride around the city. It was kind of a gray day in Baltimore today, not too cold, but overcast and occasionally misty and rainy.
Up on North Avenue I spotted this church.
Across the street from the church was this.
Pretty ironic, I thought. I continued on around and spotted this church a little further along.
But then it was time to head towards home, back down the hill, then the climb back up Butchers Hill. A block away from our house on Pratt Street is a little market, and on the side is this groovy graffiti, I snapped a picture while enjoying my post ride coke.
A few sips of soda then home for a shower, and a quick run to work to take care of a some last minute changes at a jobsite. Hopefully Kathleen & I will get out tomorrow for another ride, Kathleen wants to practice flat tires for her Triathalon next weekend, no neutral support in her race.

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