Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

It was hot as hell today in Baltimore, 95 degrees when I went out for a ride. As a result I opted to stick with the flat routes, and rode out to Fort McHenry. It was truly hot, and with the Inner Harbor being mostly hardscape, there were a lot of very wilted looking tourists about.
I passed by the Lacrosse Tournament Vendor Village on Light Street, lots of folks checking out the latest lacrosse stuff.
On my way out Key Highway I spotted this bus, I am assuming it belongs to the AVAM.
Once I got out to Fort McHenry I was greeted with this.
I am not sure what Sarah Palin was doing at Fort McHenry on Memorial Day, but I am sure it was for self-aggrandizing purposes. On my way back home I spotted this groovy VW Bus, you just don't see a lot of these on the east coast.
Then it was a quick stop for a soda then head for home for a cool shower.

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