Friday, May 27, 2011

Commute Day

After 2 weeks of getting my butt kicked at work, I finally got a chance to ride today. To make the most of it, I rode into work this morning. It was the usual route across town, although I did get onto some new streets. Passing through the west side, I spotted this pair of churches (suprise!).
Nothing much else of note on the ride in. The end of the day rolled around, and I got a call from Kathleen that she was getting out of DC and back to Baltimore early, so she decided to ride up and meet at work for the ride home. One thing led to another and she was late getting started, so it was determined we would meet on the Gwynns Falls trail somewhere in the middle. I got into my superhero outfit and headed on down the road towards home. Gorgeous summer day out, mid 80's and muggy. The path was nice and quiet, and shady in the late afternoon sun.
About 4 miles into my ride, Kathleen appeared from the other direction.
She turned around and we continued on towards home.
As we got down to the Stadium area, we spotted these busses parking at M & T Bank Stadium, where the Ravens normally play.
A little further along, the tent rental people were hard at work putting up tents in the parking lot on the other side.
Continuing on down the bike trail we passed through the last little park by the stadium, where a bunch of people were getting in a little late afternoon hoops.
We rode down through the Inner Harbor where we spotted some sort of event going on at the corner of Light & Pratt streets.
It turns out that the NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse tournament is in town this weekend. At the end of the red carpet was this guy, he must have been the opening act.
Then it was home, a shower, pizza, and stage 6 of the Tour of California. Big weekend this weekend, 3 days off with no shows, and the Bike Jam is tomorrow.

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