Sunday, May 15, 2011


After some suprise morning work hysteria, it turned out to be a nice day today. Kathleen opted to nap this afternoon, she did a brick yesterday (21 miles on the bike followed by a 3 mile run) to see what that would be like for her race. I took the opportunity to go and visit Dickeyville, the groovy little neighborhood where I work. I took the scenic route up Washington Street where I passed this neighborhood hardware store, unfortunately going out of business.
I continued up Washington Street to eventually arrive at Lake Montebello. Another nice day at the lake, people enjoying the sunny day.
Then I crossed town to Druid Lake, lots of people out and about here as well.
I rode from there up Gwynns Falls Parkway, and over to Dickeyville. Here is the road down to the mill, very park-like driving down here everyday for work.
And here is the mill, although it hasn't been a mill for a long time, Bob has owned the property for almost 40 years now. When he first moved in, Matt Polk started Polk Audio and was housed on the ground floor. Now we use all of that space, as well as the entire second floor of the main building.Dickeyville is a part of Baltimore now, but once upon a time this was the company town, everybody who lived here worked at the mill. The whole neighborhood is part of the Historic Register as a result.

Here is the town church, still in use.
After my little tour of Dickeyville it was time to head for home, I took the Gwynns Falls Trail home. I really like riding on the trail, it's very peaceful.

Down by the stadiums I spotted a group of BMX trick riding guys hanging out, unfortunately I am not quick enough on the trigger to catch them mid-trick, here is the end of one.
Then it was off to home and a shower, it was really humid today, first really humid day this year.

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