Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bike Jam!

Today was the Bike Jam in Patterson Park, pro road racing right here in Baltimore. I slept in this morning, the original get up at 8:30 plan didn't work out, but once I arose about 10:00 Kathleen and I went out for a ride. We rode up to Lake Montebello where lots of folks were out enjoying the day.
Passing through Charles Village, we passed this house with the flowers fully in bloom.
We continued up towards Hampden, it really was a nice day for a ride.
We looped back around to Patterson Park, and sat down to watch the racing go down. Here are the Pro Women just after the start.
A little later passing through the Start/Finish.
We rode down to the other side of the park, here they come down the hill to the bottom side of the course.
We hung around and watched some more racing, then headed back to the house to get cleaned up an run errands. On the way back to the house we passed the Ukranian Orthodox temple on Eastern Avenue.

Then the rest of the day beckoned.

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