Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suprise Encouter

After a few thunderstorms last night, this morning was a little muggy, but still a nice day out. I went out with the intent of finding Herring Run Park, but failed to go far enough. I ended up making a big loop around Baltimore instead. On my way out of the Inner Harbor I started passing a lot of joggers, and thought "wouldn't it be funny to see Kathleen now". Low and behold, there she was.
We met up on the corner of Eastern and President street, where she stole a drink from my water bottle before we both continued on home. Then a shower and off to work to get ready for Tunnels to Towers this weekend. I am doing the sound for the start, finish, and tunnel portions, and Kathleen is going to have a day in NYC and run the race on Sunday.

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