Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nice Day

Today was a good day, we got up early and waterproofed the deck, Kathleen weeded the small part of our lot that isn't house, we ran a bunch of errands, and went for a bike ride. It was reasonably cool today (only about 80 degrees) but more importantly, the humidity was down. The only downer was it was windy, I am assuming it was coming from the backside of Hurricane Earl. I thought it would be less windy on the Gwynns Falls Trail, so that is where we headed. We went out Fleet Street through Harbor East, and the clouds were rolling through.
But that didn't stop us, it was going through much to fast to be rain. We continued on out towards Carroll Park (Pride of the Parks according to the sign at the entrance) and saw a info board that talked about Carroll Park, but also about this building.
It turns out this was built in the 30's as a Montgomery Ward distribution warehouse, and also had a retail store built in. It is a huge building, very impressive. It has been rehabbed into office space, and out in front is this piece of art.
We decided it must have been a slide to get things from one floor to the next in the warehouse. Right after that the Gwynns Falls trail turns into a proper bike path, and we rode through a bunch of parks that dot the route. Here is an action shot of Kathleen performing evasive maneuvers as I veer towards her.
A little further along we got to the park that always has football practice going on, and today there was an actual game.
From here we rode up to Wetheredsville Road, and ended up at my work, effectively riding my usual commute route backwards. So we had some sport beans in the shop parking lot (orange for me, watermelon for Kathleen) and then rode out North Forest Park to Garrison Road. Along Garrison Road there a ton of churches. This one was so tall that I had to change camera settings to fit it in.
A block down the street these two are about 4 doors apart.

It's a really interesting older neighborhood, there a ton of late 1800's Victorians out here, some nicely restored, others completely dilapidated.
We rode down to Gwynns Falls Parkway and bombed down it (it is almost all downhill) to Druid Lake Park. Being Labor Day weekend, all of the picnic pavilions were in use.
I thought this one was cool with its historically correct type paint job.
We rode through the park to Falls Road, and back down towards the homestead. On Baltimore Street we passed through the Block, where the bulk of the strip clubs are. It's kinda seedy, but definitely a part of Baltimore.
A few blocks further down Baltimore we passed by the community garden, you can rent plots here from the city and do a little gardening if you are so inclined. Kathleen pointed out the flowers on the fence that are made from cans and bottles, a nice touch.
Then it was off to the homestead for dinner and some lounging around.

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