Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Saturday

Today started with a trip to the shop to get some things that were forgotten by my crew at Pier 6 for the Several Species concert tonight. Once I got back I had some breakfast, then Kathleen and I went out for a ride. We went down through the Inner Harbor, where I had to pass this pace line of Segways.
I got a little further down the bike lane and realized that Kathleen wasn't behind me. So I waited a little bit, then went back to find her, only to discover she was back at the aquarium with a flat. Apparently she had called out to me but I was consumed with the task of passing the Segways and didn't hear her. We installed a new tube and found the piece of glass that caused it still stuck in the tire, then continued on out to Fort McHenry. On the way back we cut through Locust Point and the Tide Point complex, then along Key Highway back towards the Inner Harbor. On the way there we passed by the American Visionary Art Museum where I spotted this mounted on the roof.
Even more amazing is the building itself.
Then we rode up Calvert Street where I saw the Battle Monument (I had to look it up) commemorating the War of 1812.
We continued up to North Avenue, then back down Guilford to the Inner Harbor again, where I saw these women resplendent in their red hats.
We swung through Pier 6 to look in on the guys, then back to the house for a shower and some lunch.

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