Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Another gorgeous day today, after a very long one yesterday in New York. I provided PA for two Caribbean Festival floats this year. I went up to do some money stuff, and meet my clients in person, as I had only talked to them on the phone prior. I also found out that we are the undisputed heavyweight champion of the Carribean Floats. I have been doing a float for 4 years now, and we have never been beaten :) The judging seems to be on the volume of the music coming from the float, for this year's floats we put 500,000 Watts of PA system per on two floats. At any rate, the parade was today, I will call my clients tomorrow and see if the reign continues. If we won again I am getting one of those prize fighter belts for myself to wear up there next year. Back to the subject at hand, Kathleen and I went out for a ride today, given the option, Kathleen decided on the low hill route, so we went out towards Dundalk, which is fairly flat. It turned out to be fairly windy as well, but a beautiful day overall. We rode out to Sparrows Point, where I took my worst picture yet.
That is the steel mill in behind the road sign stuff. We continued on towards North Point State Park, on the way there we stopped because I spotted this fabulous building.
I am not sure I would be comfortable putting my money there, but Kathleen pointed out the new roof and windows and suggested that maybe it was getting renovated. Kathleen also had a goo thing there (energy food in a semi liquid form), which I tried a sample of, I think I will stick with the jelly beans. A little further along we spotted this.
Totally Baltimore beehive there hon. A little further along we made it to the park, and rode down to the waters edge.
The park was hopping with families having Labor Day picnics and such, lots of kids running around, barbecuing, and generally taking it easy. Then we rode back towards home, here is an action shot (no look picture by the way) of Kathleen right behind me on Eastern Avenue.
We rode up Eastern into Highlandtown, and then went up Gough towards the park, the city skyline was very nice in the afternoon sun.
We cut through Patterson Park on the way home, lots of activity there as well, then climbed up the misery hill and back to the homestead. Here is Kathleen back in the garage having some more water.
We got cleaned up, grilled salmon and had dinner on the deck to round out the day.

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