Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Today was election day, obviously, so I got my butt out of bed and went out for a ride.  Brisk fall morning, about 38 degrees out when I left, but nice and sunny.   I headed down towards the Inner Harbor, when I encountered this on Eastern Ave.

Some sort of big fire going on, they had hoses on every hydrant on the block.   I cut over to Aliceanna and then back up Broadway to Fleet, where this was the scene.  Apparently this is the second fire in that building this year. 

I left the scene and did the loop out to Fort McHenry, then back through the neighborhood to my poling place, the firehouse at the end of the street coincidentally enough.   The firefighters and equipment were down the street, but lots of people lined up to vote.   I took my place in the line, enjoyed some sun, and after 20 minutes or so got to vote.   No drama with bringing my bike in either thankfully, I wasn't keen on leaving it outside.   Once inside I did my thing, got my sticker and a compliment on my new jacket (toasty warm by the way), and then headed up the block to shower and head off to work.

As I have decided this is my tradition (voting by bike) here is my de rigueur shot of my bike proudly wearing my I voted sticker, new ones this year too!

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