Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today turned out to be very windy, it was about 48 degrees, which isn't so bad, but 20-30mph winds made it brutal.   We loaded up the bikes on the Subaru and headed out to join the Baltimore Bicycle Club's group ride in Ellicott City.   It was windy in the city, but even more so out in the sticks.   We made it there on time but then missed the start of the ride to tighten Kathleen's saddle mount on her bike, but we took off figuring we would catch up.  Here's Kathleen bombing down one of the many hills of the day, as we were in pursuit of the group.

I caught up with her and got a little riding portrait.

The route was gorgeous, once again here I am chasing Kathleen down.

The early part of the ride ran along this river, as you can see, Sandy pretty much took all of the leaves down, starting to look very winterlike out.

After riding along for a little while, we decided that it was just too unpleasant, but we are going to try and go back and do the whole ride (48 miles), but for today we shortcut the loop back to the car, we never did see the rest of the ride.   Here is our map for today, we actually started at the same place where we ended, but I forgot to start my computer at the beginning in our rush to try and catch the group.   On our way back we saw all sorts of other stuff though, including this old barn.

Not to mention some open roads, and brutal winds in parts like this, here is Kathleen dropping me like a bad habit on one of the many climbs for today.

A little further along we passed a farm where there were bison (we think), sorry for the blurry picture, I was fumbling with the zoom when I took it.

Then it was back to the house, and down to the Red Star for brunch.

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