Saturday, May 19, 2012


What a nice day out today, Kathleen is off getting ready for the Columbia Triathalon tomorrow, so I took the opportunity to install a new chain on my bike, and go out for a ride. It really couldn't have been nicer out, I rolled through Patterson Park where the fountain was looking glorious in the midday sun.
Over by the Pagoda, there was a wedding going on.
On the lower level of the park they were getting ready for the Bike Jam tomorrow, they use the lower loop (you can see it on my map) as the course.
Then I rolled out in the general direction of Dundalk, swinging through the Johns Hopkins Bayview complex, it looks like they are making some room for more new construction, it seems like the bulk of this campus has been built since we moved here.
Then an easy, breezy loop through Dundalk, and back to the house to get on with the day.

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