Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gorgeous Sunday

Today was another gorgeous day, Kathleen went out to volunteer at the Pagoda in Patterson Park, so I was left to my own devices.  I opted to go out for a ride around the neighborhood.  I started by swinging by the park to say hello to Kathleen and company, they were hard at work weeding the flower beds for the spring.
Then I noodled around the Patterson Park neighborhood which I hadn't been through before. I saw this nice little park that somebody built.
A little further along this mural on the side of a rowhouse.
Then this mural near a church.
Then I headed up Guilford on the new bike path they are building, passing by this row of brightly painted rowhouses in the Charles Village area.
Eventually I ended up at Lake Montebello, where I put in a furious one lap chase to catch the Maglia Rosa, that this gal was wearing for her ride today.
I headed back to the house to get it together as my brother Eric was coming down to visit on a break from a business trip to NYC. We opted to go take in an O's game at Camden Yards.

Good times even though the O's lost. We headed over to the homestead (it's the first time he has been out here since we moved to Baltimore) then went down for a walk around the neighborhood and dinner at the Red Star.

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