Friday, May 18, 2012

Ride to Work Day

Today was Ride To Work Day all across the country, so I decided there was no reason why I shouldn't do it to.  I convinced Brian Callaghan, who I work with, that he should join me so a little before 8:00AM I headed out of the garage and up to his house up off the Alameda. We headed towards the shop, here is Brian following me up the hills in Druid Lake Park.
A little further along, I spotted the remains of a tree, it says do not remove in spray paint on it.
We passed the Druid Hill Conservatory, looking resplendent in the morning sun.
The last little bit of the ride is the bomb down Gwynns Falls Parkway, here is Brian showing the speed.
Then a busy day at work, lots of stuff going on due to it being spring and all. 6:00PM rolled around and we headed back out towards the Inner Harbor and my house.  A nice ride down the Gwynns Falls Trail, then over to the Inner Harbor where there was a guest in port.  It's the John W Brown, one of the last remaining Liberty Ships tied up on the pier.

Also new (to me) is this statue of the late William Donald Schaefer, former Mayor of Baltimore, and Governor of Maryland, not to mention quite the character.
Then it was time to head off, Brian is leading the way on the newly redone bike path around the Inner Harbor. I have to say so far I am utterly dissapointed in this, it went from being very obviously a bike path to looking very much like the sidewalk, and it had to have cost a boatload of money.
Oh well, we successfully navigated that part, and headed to my house. Brian got some water before continuing on to the his house, so in the end we both did the same loop, but in different orders.

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