Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big Truck Day

Today was Big Truck Day at the Baltimore Museum of Industry in Federal Hill, I had seen the sign (one of those programmable highway signs don't you know) while over at Race Pace yesterday.   Kathleen went out and ran 13 miles this morning, so after she got back I got up and we went out for a ride to check it out.  We rode through the Inner Harbor, still a total train wreck as far as the bike path goes, but getting closer to completion.  I am not going to say better, because the area right at the pavillion is now done is brick similar to the rest of the pavillion, so I fear that people won't realize they are standing in/walking in to the bike path.  At any rate, we finally made it over to Federal Hill and big truck day was truly underway.
They had fire and police vehicles, a trash truck, the pothole all in one fixer truck, and a bunch of construction equipment as well.  Lots of families enjoying a gorgeous day on the harbor, and kids getting to check out the trucks.

It was requested to keep the ride fairly flat (no mean feat in Baltimore) so we went up the Gwynns Falls Trail to Leon Day Park, then up somewhat of a brutal hill to make a loop, then back down to where Baltimore crosses the trail again, heading back towards town. We came back into Carroll Park and the coed touch football league was in action.

Then we headed home for some lunch and errands, then catching up on the goings on in the Giro (don't tell me, we are still a day behind the race on the DVR).

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