Sunday, September 11, 2011

Easy Day

After a chaotic week and a half or so of work, I finally got a break today, so after sleeping in super late, Kathleen and I went out for a ride. With no particular plan, we started by riding up to Lake Montebello. As we headed up Baltimore, church was letting out, and the ice cream man was cleaning up.
A little further up at Washington & North Ave I spotted this across the street in an abandoned building.
We made it up to the lake, don't let the blue skies fool you, the other way was a thunderstorm.
We decided to cut across on 33rd to go over to Druid Lake, as we went it got darker, the winds picked up, and it began to rain, but since it wasn't pouring (yet) we continued up to Druid Lake (we had considered bailing at Falls Road).
That is more representative of what the skies looked like. We headed down through the Resevoir & Bolton Hill neighborhoods, eventually cutting through the stadium area as the Ravens game was letting out. but still no serious rain, just smatterings. On our way through Federal Hill that changed, and we ended up getting pretty wet on the way home, dodging the event at the World Trade Center here in Baltimore on the way.

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