Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cool Down Lap

It was a busy weekend this weekend. I was in New York from Friday Night til this afternoon for the Tunnels To Towers Run. Normally Kathleen would come up with me and enjoy Manhattan (and my hotel room) and do the run on Sunday morning. This year not so much, her dad is in town for the National Book Festival on the Mall, so she spent the weekend visiting with him. The shows in NY went well, here is the start line scene.
That is about 30,000 people waiting to go, we have sound stretched from the start line (which is about 300' behind me) down Richard Street for about 10 blocks. Here is the finish line block party, featuring Gary Sinise's band The Lieutenant Dan Band.
Kathleen says that the finish line spread at this race is the best ever, hot dogs, hamburgers, chickent, donuts all cooked up by the firefighter volunteers. At any rate, I got home about 5:00PM tonight, and the weather was so nice, and Kathleen was in DC having dinner with Dad & relatives, so I went out for a ride. I took off in the general direction of Dundalk with no particular plan in mind. My legs felt terrible from all the walking I have done this weekend, but it was still good to get out. I rode down through the Korean War Memorial Park on Boston Street, I liked the view of the pier.
There were a bunch of folks there fishing as well.
I continued towards Dundalk and wandered through a neighborhood that I hadn't been through before, including climbing an epic (for Baltimore) hill and being rewarded with this view of the city.
A little further along I came across the lot where Ice Cream Man vans go to die, note the grass growing up around the wheels.
On my way back through Patterson Park, I spotted this scene, this is what I would call the shooting fish in a barrel method of sales.
Then it was back to the house to get the laundry going and rustle up some dinner.

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