Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Couple of Days Rides

Tuesday was the primary for a bunch of Baltimore City elections, including the Mayor and City Council races. I had intended to get up at 6:30 and head out, but instead it was about 7:00AM. I headed down towards the Inner Harbor and then over to the stadium area. On the edge of the Federal Hill and Otterbein neighborhoods is an industrial area. I like the signage painted on the buildings, some old some new.
Right across the street from these two is this mural.
Then it was back towards home, nice sunrise on downtown from over by the stadium.
Heading back up Pratt Street towards Fells Point, the worker bees were hard at work dismantling the bleachers from the Grand Prix.
I headed back towards home, with a quick stop at the firehouse down the street from us to vote, then off to another work day.

Yesterday morning, Kathleen and I got up early (5:40) to meet with the Baltimore Area Tri Club at Lake Montebello for speed workouts. It was super dark when we left, and didn't get a whole lot lighter by the time we arrived at the lake.
Amy(? I suck at names) who is one of the club members, and I rode around the lake and put flags out every quarter mile, while the rest of the group shot the breeze. I was chosen because I had computer that lit up (it was dark). Then the group did a lap to warm up before the sprints were on. It was a ladder thing, so the idea is you do a 1/4 mile sprint, then recover for the next quarter mile, then do a half mile sprint, recover for half a mile, then 3/4 of mile sprint, then recover for 3/4, finishing up with a full mile sprint. Once you are there, it's back down the order 3/4 mile, 1/2 mile, etc. I participated in the first sprint (winning :) ) then did my thing (ride around at my own pace) while they continued. As the sun came up and the skies lightened I thought it was pretty cool that the moon was still out.
I stopped on the side of the road a little while later and caught some of the sprinting action as the folks came around.
Here is Kathleen laying down the watts.
Eventually the sun made it's appearance over the hills.
Kathleen & Amy as we motored around during their cool-down lap.
Then it was back towards the homestead, here is Kathleen waiting at a light that I had made it through (whoops).
Here's Kathleen leading me back down Wolfe Street towards the homestead.
All in all a nice solid 20 miles before work.

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