Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charm City Cyclocross Action

This weekend is the Charm City Cross at Druid Hill Park, so Kathleen and I decided to ride up and spectate some. We got there just in time for the Little Belgians race, and here are the 4-5 year olds ripping it up on the mini cross course.
It was cute, and all of the kids who participated got a water bottle as a prize. Then it was on to the racing. Here is what cyclocross is all about. The course is all in the grass, and there are periodic obstacles that you have to dismount and carry your bike over.
Here are some of the Elite women coming through.
It's interesting, they use red tape for the rider's right side of the course, I am assuming that is so when you stack and you're in a lactic acid haze you can figure out which way you are supposed to be going. After a while we started to get cold, it has been a kind of drizzly gray day today, so we headed back to the homestead. As we rounded the end of Druid Lake I caught Baltimore basking in the grayness.
But a little further along, there are still signs of summer, so all hope is not lost yet.
Then it was back to the house for some food and errands.

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