Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today was a nice day, but pretty windy. We had intended to go out to the Columbia Triathalon course today to pre-ride it, but we got a late start so we just did a quick spin out to Fort McHenry instead. On the way through Federal Hill there was some sort of music/drinking thing going on.
Then it was on to Fort McHenry, where there was a re-enactment going on. I believe this is Ft McHenry day weekend.
Then it was back around the Inner Harbor to head for home. We passed through Fells Point, and spotted the huge line at the Blue Moon Cafe.
We used to go there for breakfast on the weekends fairly regularly, then the Food Network did a thing on them, and now the line is like 2 hours long. No breakfast is that good. Continuing through Fells Point I saw this down on the water and had to get a closer look.
Saturday was Privateer Day here in Fells Point. A privateer is a nice name for a pirate who is working for you. During the war of 1812 the US government essentially hired pirates to assist in the efforts against the British. Privateer day in Fells Point means lots of drinking and pirate outfits. Then it was back to the house.

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