Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

Today started off with pouring down rain and cold, but by 6:00PM it was 75 and sunny, so Kathleen and I went out for a ride. We rode down through Fells Point, then dodged the tourists on the Inner Harbor bike path before heading towards the Gwynns Falls Trail. As we passed by the stadium we saw lots of people tailgating before the O's game.
We picked up the Gwynns Falls Trail and saw this on the way, it goes all the way down the side of the building.
We rolled on down to Carroll Park where there were a bunch of people out enjoying the sun, including these guys shooting hoops.
We followed the trail out to Frederick Avenue but it was getting late and so we turned and headed for home. Right after Frederick turned into Pratt Street we saw this, it was so cool that I turned around to get a picture.
Here is Kathleen waiting for me at the next light, and sporting her new tri jersey.
We continued on down Pratt, and in front of the convention center these girls were dancing to the guy playing the plastic can drum kit.
I saw some more girls in similar outfits around, I think there is some kind of volleyball tournament going on. After that we followed the sharrows (I just learned that is what they are called) up Aliceanna Street.
Then Kathleen led us up Washington Street, and as the final bit of injury, up the steepest part of the street (the 200 block of all our streets is the steepest) before heading for home.
A quick shower, then pizza and watching the Capitals close out the series on the Rangers.

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