Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chasing the Paths of Clyburn 5K

Today was the inaugural Paths of Clyburn 5K run at Clyburn Arboretum. Kathleen was running the race, so I rode my bike up to the Arboretum (as I do) to spectate. It was kind of a misty morning this morning, mid 50's but not too bad a day for a ride. I got there just in time for the start, and in an unusual occurance, I ran into Ben (I work with him, he is one of our ace engineers) his girlfriend Laren and her sister (who being as lame with names as I am, I can't remeber her name) who were there to run the race as well.
Kathleen was there as well, of course.
While waiting for the start, I rolled over to check out the mansion, quite the place.
But then they were off, they took off towards the road, before doubling back through the parking lot. I caught Kathleen here.
And then a short while later Ben & Laren came through.
By the way, this was Ben's first organized run of any sort. After the first mile, they left the pavement and went into the forest to do 2 miles on the singletrack there, complete with mud, logs, and such. This was my cue to wait around for them to come back out. While I was waiting I got a beauty shot of the tulips (?) coming up.
After a while Kathleen came out of the woods and up the grassy hill towards the finishing straight.
Then I rolled over to meet Kathleen and got there in time to catch Ben & Lauren finishing.
I hung out for a little while, then headed for the homestead. Last weekend I got a picture of the mural showing the mills on Jones Falls, well this is one of them, I like the exterior hallway between the two sections of building.
On my way down Guilford I passed the farmers market, back in business for the season, last weekend was the first one, so of course Kathleen and I had went. It seemed to be hopping, which is good for all of the vendors.
Then it was back to the house for a shower and some breakfast, and a little bike washing, and to get ready for Paris-Roubaix this evening.

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