Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Commute

Today was gorgeous, after yesterdays near miss with the rain, it was sunny and not too brisk this morning. I went out to the garage to discover that my front tire had gone flat overnight. So I stole the spare tube from Kathleen's flat repair kit on her bike, removed the old tube, checked the tire for whatever flattened it (and found nothing) then swapped in the new (used) tube before I rode into work, with a projected high of 83 for the day. On my way out Lombard Street I rolled by the University of Maryland Biopark.
While cutting over to on Poppleton Street I spotted this mural.
Then once I got onto Baltimore Street another one.
Nothing eventful happened until I was almost to the shop, when on the closed part of Wetheredsville Road, a couple of guys on mountain bikes went buy the other way. I think it was actually a couple of the guys from Race Pace heading down to Federal Hill to go to work.
It was a busy day at work, but then 6 pm rolled around and I mounted up and headed for home down the Gwynns Falls Trail. At Leon Day park there were a bunch of people enjoying the weather and playing some basketball.
The trail was much busier than usual, people jogging, on bikes, and walking dogs.
It was really gorgeous, and I found it oddly made my day much better, I really like riding to and from work.
Once I got into town I passed the fire station, where they were grilling some dinner, hot dogs and burgers.
A little further in I passed by Camden Yards where things were in full swing with the nice weather and a home game.
After that I headed for home for dinner and some relaxing, it's coming up on a busy weekend for me.

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