Saturday, March 26, 2011

National Marathon

Today was the National Marathon in Washington DC. Kathleen was doing the half marathon, so I went with her to spectate and get a ride in. Now it's rant time. The race started at 7:00AM, which was actually before sunrise. This meant we were up at 5:00AM. Those of you who know me know I am not a morning person, and my question is this. Is there any real reason that this couldn't have started at 8:00AM? At any rate, here is Kathleen at the start, there were 16,000 runners in the race, and the half & full marathon people all started together, so by the time I spotted her she was already passing.
So I scooted up the road and got a better shot here.
Then I went ahead and caught her as the course passed behind the Supreme Court building.
Then a few steps later making a funny face.
I scooted ahead to over in front of Union Station where Kathleen tossed me her gloves (it was about 32 degrees when the race started, another good reason to push the start time back)
After that the race went over towards Constitution Ave, and I rode parallel to it on F street when I spotted this cool building, it is super narrow and triangle shaped.
I then cut over to Connecticut Ave above Dupont Circle to wait for her there. I may have mentioned it was cold, but by the time I got to Dupont Circle I had warmed up and my hands were beginning to not feel like ice cubes. However I mis-timed the catch, and as a result stood around there for about 20 minutes, and froze up again. Eventually Kathleen came through though.
By then I was frozen, and decided to head back towards the finish line to warm the car up and catch Kathleen's finish. Unfortunately I had the timing off again, and missed her finishing. But we eventually reunited at the car and headed for home for a shower and breakfast at the Red Star in Fells Point. When we got back from breakfast Kathleen opted to take a nap (and who could blame her?) and I went back down to DC for work.

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