Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farking cold again

Well, in our usual spring manner, it was farking cold again this morning, 38 degrees when I rolled out, and it had been rainy overnight. But I really needed to get out for a ride again, I have been feeling like a flake with so few rides this year. So I took off at sunrise and headed out towards Canton. I went all the way out Boston Street to the freeway to play dodge with the commuters, then looped around to Greektown. Then it was back in on Eastern before cutting over to Pratt Street. As I topped the hill on Pratt, the city skyline loomed in the mist.
Then it was into Patterson Park, where I spotted this on the bike path there.
I have seen it before, but I never really looked at it. I am not sure what it is the end of, but whatever it is, that is it. After that I rode through the park and up misery hill back to the house to get ready for work. Tomorrow is supposed to be about 35 degrees at ride time, yay.

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